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Indian Vegetarian Restaurant

Experience the Journey of Our Indian Vegetarian Restaurant

Sangam Restaurant has been built up over the decades by entrepreneurial Indian chefs as well as savvy business leaders who recognized the need to pioneer an Indian vegetarian restaurant near Abu Dhabi. Their story is about bringing the cuisine of India to everyone.

This is a journey that we take together.

Their trip to Dubai began in 1988, but its origins reach even further back when the chefs that make up this restaurant discover their passion for Indian cuisine. This kind of passion for cuisine is something that needs to be shared. It’s a fire that sparks excitement, intrigue, and curiosity in everyone it touches.

You’ve been searching for an Indian vegetarian restaurant that can give you a true taste of India and now you have found it.

India is one of the biggest countries in the world. Its population is also one of the oldest. This is one of those special places in the world where civilization first got its start so many thousands of years ago.

It’s in this deep time that this fine cuisine was developed. Rich in flavors and unafraid to offer up bold levels of spice, Indian food is changing how diners in the United Arab Emirates approach cuisine.

Sangam Restaurant started as a small eatery here in the UAE. It was with that humble seed that today’s pioneering restaurant was grown. Today, Sangam is an impressive chain of dining locations throughout the United Arab Emirates that strive to bring Indian flavors to new horizons.

It’s this pioneering spirit that has carried their vegetarian restaurant to such great heights. They were at the forefront of Indian vegetarian cuisine in the UAE and they continue to advance and evolve as the years go by, but they haven’t done this alone.

Sangam Restaurant has been embraced by the culinary minds that make the UAE stand out on a global scale. Your patronage has made Sangam Restaurant the landmark it is today.

It’s time you dined at the Indian vegetarian restaurant that has changed how the UAE approaches cuisine. Get in touch with Sangam’s host today to make your reservation.

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