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Vegetarian Lunch Locations

Visit Our Vegetarian Lunch Locations in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

The chefs at Sangam Restaurant know how hard our community works. The United Arab Emirates has emerged as a world leader in business and industry. Getting to the top means working the hardest. The chefs at Sangam serve Indian food that gives hardworking people the lunch break that they deserve.

Their vegetarian lunch locations serve Indian cuisine that lets you have a light luncheon meal before getting on with your day. You can find soups, salads, rice dishes, and all manner of snacks at Sangam. There’s no better way to take a break during the day than to embrace the culinary potential of Indian food.

When it comes to vegetarian lunch locations in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, you can’t go wrong with Sangam Restaurant. Their journey to becoming the Indian vegetarian cuisine masters of the UAE started in 1998 and continues to this day. Their energy is what allows them to serve high-class vegetarian cuisine to one of the world’s most refined culinary audiences.

If you’re visiting or living in Dubai, then you already know you have access to the finest cuisine on Earth. Let the chefs at Sangam Restaurant show you a new frontier of cuisine.
Call or stop into one of their locations today to book your lunch at Sangam.

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